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Slideshow: Baby Sleep Patterns

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A newborn baby does know the difference between night and day and will therefore keep waking up after every 3-4 hours to be feed. The newborn sleeps for over 16 to 18 hours in total. Teach your baby what night and day is by talking to the baby while feeding during the day and being quiet while feeding at night.

3 Weeks Old

During this time, the baby may be waking up in the middle of the night to be breast fed, but is probably sleeping for longer duration, such as that of three or four hours at a stretch. If you are breastfeeding, remember that your body has reorganised the sleep patent to suit that of the baby. Therefore, you must try to sleep when they baby sleeps to avoid being deprived of sleep.

2 Months Old

At about 2 months, the baby is likely to sleep less compared with what it used to when it was only a few days or weeks old. The baby will sleep for long at night and stay awake much longer during the day. Although, there are huge differences in the sleep patterns of babies at this age, most need to be fed at night.

4 Months Old

On an average, most 4 months old babies sleep about nine to 12 hours every day and take two or three naps. This is the time when they gradually move towards two regular daily naps. On days that the baby gets only two naps, she/he will sleep more at night. This is perhaps the right time to set a pattern for the baby.

6 Months Old

A 6 months old baby will have its own sleeping pattern. Special circumstances, such as that of sickness or sleeping on a weird bed are likely to affect the sleeping pattern of the baby; otherwise, the baby is just settling down. The 6 months old baby will sleep for 11 hours and have two naps of about 2 hours in the morning and afternoon.

9 Months Old

Babies that are 9 months old sleep for about 11 to 12 hours during the night. Your baby will wake up in the middle of the night and cry much like as it used to when it was a newborn. The only difference now being that the baby remembers you and would miss you when it wakes up. If you want the baby to learn to sleep in its own bed, let it settle itself down; otherwise, cuddle her to sleep.

1 year

At 1, the baby begins to struggle during bedtime, especially now that the baby can move on its own. On an average, a one-year old will sleep for 10 to 12 hours at night and take one to two hour naps a couple of times during the day.

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